Diet is Lifestyle Change Program You have come to the right place!

 Also I inspire people to shape their health destiny through the power of food.

First things first: a one-time, “one-and-done” nutrition consult session is not effective for anyone.

Hence, I offer my clients my Lifestyle Change Program.

What will you gain through the Lifestyle Change Program?

Not just “diet” advice but a transformation! You will:

There for Feel & look better o Learn how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Understand the components of healthy diet and

how to best meet all of your nutrient needs.

If you suffer from a chronic disease,

learn how to control, and potentially even reverse your condition.

Be empowered to make healthy choices for life o Instead of a fixed meal plan

or food lists, I empower you to

make your own healthy food choices according to what works best for your lifestyle.

Become a confident, healthy cook

Weight loss after diet
Weight loss after diet

I provide you with meal ideas and recipes according to your needs and wants.

Set your mind at ease.

We discuss conflicting nutrition advice you may have received in the past and

set the record straight, using only

the latest in evidence-based nutrition.

We also review sources for unbiased & credible nutrition information.

Diet is Components of the Lifestyle Change Program

Detailed health history.

I first ask that you complete a detailed health history form so

After Diet
After Diet

I can better understand your needs and goals.  

Also regular weekly meetings.

We meet online weekly for 8 weeks (~ 45 mins-1 hr call).

We mutually agree on a day and time and,

as much as possible, try to maintain the same schedule every week.

We regularly review your nutrition goals and discuss strategies to meet them.

After each session, I e-mail you a detailed summary of the points

we discussed with supporting references if applicable.

I do accept in-person meetings when I’m in Istanbul.

However, most clients choose the online route due to location and/or current COVID-19 restrictions.

Regular communication to tailor this program for YOU.

With your consent, I ask for daily updates on the foods

you choose to eat and your weight (if applicable).

You can contact me anytime via messaging,

I answer all queries within 24 hrs.

How you Contact me @plantgevity + 90 546 892 3742

Also group program opportunities.

In the near future, I will offer “Food for Life” group nutrition education and

cooking classes, live in Turkey.

“Food for Life” is an internationally renowned, award-winning program developed by the Physicians Committee

for Responsible Medicine.

 Details and timing are still being determined.

As a past client,

you will be able to register at a reduced cost for these group classes.

What is the fee for the Lifestyle Change Program?

Given the coronavirus pandemic,

I have tried to keep the fee reasonable because now, more than ever, it is

critical to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, first and foremost, a healthy diet.

Contact me directly for pricing options.

Rather than a fee, view this as an investment in your health future.

We can either pay now,

by trying to improve our health,

or pay much more later in medical costs associated with

additional weight and/or worsening health conditions.

Diet: Can I continue the program after 8 weeks?

Most definitely yes! I have had several clients who requested further support.

Diet meal for your health
Diet meal for your health

The program is limitless and different pricing options can be discussed for longer durations.

Is this program focussed on plant-based (vegan) diets?

Yes and no.

Many people often ask whether I’m a “vegan” dietitian.

Although I personally follow a 100% plant-based (vegan) diet and

I have specialized training in plant-based

nutrition, my practise is based on my clients’ individual needs.

I simply present the scientific facts to the best of my ability,

and help my clients achieve whatever nutrition goals they want to set for themselves.

This is an undeniable fact: the more plant-based foods

we enjoy in our diets, the better.

However, knowledge is just part of the equation

we have to be able to practically apply it to our own lifestyles and that’s where I can help!

Who am I?
Didem Varol
Didem Varol

My short bio I’m a Registered Dietitian with a passion for nutrition.

Before starting my private practice, Plantgevity Nutrition Solutions,

I worked for 10 years at Toronto Public

Health in the field of chronic disease prevention.

My life’s passion is to empower my clients to achieve health and

longevity through the power of plant-based foods.

I offer one-on-one consultations and

I am certified to teach the “Food For Life” program, an evidence-based

group nutrition and cooking program developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

 I’m a graduate of McGill University and

have also completed the Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies & eCornell.

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