Heart Disease: Preventable & Reversible


Heart disease may lead cause of death.

Valentine’s day 2021 is just around the corner

so it’s time to talk about heart health!

Heart Disease: Leading cause of death

While the world is still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may not realize the other pandemic we’ve been dealing with for quite some time.

Because that’s the chronic disease pandemic:lifestyle related diseases that are largely preventable.

At the top of the list are cardiovascular diseases,

which are the number one cause of death worldwide https://www.who.int

Genes or fork?                                       

Often times, people may think that since disease runs in their family.

They are destined to get it as well.

Not so. In fact, a famous American cardiologist. http://www.dresselstyn.com/site/

Wisely stated that: “genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

Indeed, our everyday choices,

from what we eat to how much we move,

have a huge impact on our health.

The reason heart diseases do often tend to

“run in the family” is not so much.

Because of the shared genes, but rather because of the shared recipes and eating habits.

Whole foods, plant-based nutrition

Plant based
Plant based

Therefore the scientific evidence is clear:

plant-based diets can not only prevent heart disease,

but also help manage and in some cases even reverse it. https://www.pcrm.org

According to theDietitians of Canada https://www.dietitians.ca

”Healthy vegan diet has many health benefits including lower rates of obesity.

Heart disease, high blood pressure,

high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer….

Healthy vegan diet can meet all your nutrient needs.

At any stage of life including for older adults.”

In conclusion, diet centered around low-fat, whole plant-based foods is the key to health.


However some other lifestyle factors that are important.

Therefore, include the avoidance of tobacco, regular exercise, and stress management.

Why the focus on plant-based foods?

Plant-based foods are naturally good for the heart both.

In other words what they contain and do not contain.

Firstly there is no cholesterol in foods from plants and very little saturated fat.

Both of which cause plaque build up in the arteries and lead to heart disease.

After that only foods from plants contain fibre.

An essential nutrient that reduces the risk for heart disease

Bottom line

Firstly, you can dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease.

Potentially even reverse already existing heart disease.

Secondly, ıf you center your diet around whole, plant-based foods.

For instance, meat, eggs, and dairy and focus on vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans.

In conclusion choice is  simple: food can be your medicine.

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